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WordFire develops word-based games targeted at schools, houses of worship, libraries, retirement centers and residences alike.

Our goal is to bring people together for fun and learning through word-based games. The adjacent graphic represents four players seated around a table engaged in friendly competition and conversation. The letters are the four cardinal directions, which are used to identify the participants. While such word-based gaming is certainly applicable to a group scattered around in various locations, we are especially focused on bringing people together face-to-face for the camaraderie that often happens while in close proximity. That's something that is increasingly missing in this electronics age, not that we are against technology.

The kinds of word-based games under development or consideration range from A to Z and include games involving answering questions, correcting grammar or usage mistakes, unscrambling sentences, completing collections of related words, filling in blanks, identifying relationships and zapping words in various ways, to name just a few. We also hope to get others actively involved in the creation of word-based games and the content for them in a systematized way.

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